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The way we look has a huge impact in how we feel: it boosts our confidence, changes our attitude and makes a visual statement about our personality and who we are.

Having spent most of my working life as a marketing professional, I wanted to transfer my creative skills to something I was passionate about and would help other people. 

It felt effortless to advise people on what to wear, and is always a huge joy to see how my advice helps them feel good and confident.  

​That's why I'm passionate about style. And that’s why I decided to set up my own Style Consultancy, combining my creative background, my interest in personal development and my eye for shopping and style. I qualified with one of the leading training providers in the UK and became a FIPI accredited Image Consultant (Federation of Image Professionals International).  Since then, I offer a wide range of services from outfit and wardrobe building to shopping trips abroad.

I'm also a mother, an amateur actress and, since 2015, a stylist volunteer at SmartWorks, a UK charity that provides high quality interview outfits, styling advice and interview training to women in need. 

I'd be delighted to hear from you!

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